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Custom Printed Nail Files

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Soap and Water provides only the highest quality nail files.


Since their launch these nail files have been well received and are proving to be a great success when used as a promotional tool.


Nail files are a great traditional low cost per item way to keep your name being seen again and again.


These inexpensive nail fails as promotional items are great for use in mailings and for use instead of a business card.


Nail files are great for fund raisers, raising your brand awareness, customer giveaways at exhibitions and events, inexpensive promo items, product launches or included in direct mailing campaigns.


Nail files are long lasting, the image on the promotional nail files will not wear off and is expected to last for at least a year, they will be kept by your customers for months and will see your brand every time they are used.


Keep your name at your customer’s fingertips!












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